Meet Our Team


At Pet point, every member of our team is passionate about their work and strives to give our patients and their owners the best possible experience. We believe in the Fear Free method, and we use those techniques so that each patient and their guardian feel more comfortable and stress-free during their visits with us, whether the motive is medical or for grooming. 

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Profile of Our Veterinarians

Our doctors specialize in small animal clinical practice, which includes internal medicine and general surgery, as well as the design comprehensive wellness plans for our patients. In our daily practice, it becomes necessary to attend to our patients not only for vaccination and deworming, but also for different conditions deriving from special characteristics of each individual such as species, breed, age, previous accidents, and origin, among others.

Our wellness plans aim to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of each individual. These plans include preventive medicine, nutrition programs, as well as the early diagnosis of diseases, with a happier and healthier patient as the general objective.


MVZ. MVRA. Carolina Hidalgo

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Carolina is the director and founder of Pet point in addition to being the head veterinarian. Her goal is to create a clinic in which patients and their humans feel at home and safe using Fear Free techniques, in which she is certified. She has carefully chosen her team and ensures that all Pet point veterinarians and the rest of the staff are always up-to-date on the newest advances in veterinary medicine and animal handling. She also speaks fluent English.


MVZ. David Vázquez

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MVZ. David, is one of our veterinarians at Pet point who, with enthusiasm and affection, works every day for the well-being of each of our patients. He is a lover of his profession and is always looking to offer better treatments and recommendations for each of our patients. A fun fact about him is that he also loves airplanes and collects various figurines.


MVZ. Asunción Leon

MVZ. Asunción whom everyone knows affectionately as Dra. Conchita is always caring for all our hospitalized patients as well as serving as our anesthetist in the operating room. Dra. Conchita always has music in her heart for all of our furry patients, whom she sings to at every possible opportunity, which undoubtedly comforts and fills them with peace, easing their recovery. 

Our Veterinarians


MVZ. Aeda Vieyra

MVZ. Aeda, part of our Veterinary Medical team, is one of the most experienced doctors in the clinic and one of our surgeons.

Dra. Aeda, with the warm treatment that characterizes her, is always happy to receive you in our facilities to talk about each surgical procedure that our patients need and walk you through the steps.


MVZ. Miroslava Torres

MVZ. Miroslava, recently graduated as a veterinarian, is the newest doctor on our campus. She is currently training in all our medical and handling protocols for dogs and cats, in preparation for taking on her own patients in both clinics.


pMVZ. Valeria Guzmán

Valeria is an outstanding student of veterinary medicine and is currently working as an intern, learning new skills through practical experience. She is part of our support team and is always aware of the needs of our patients and guardians. You will probably see her in your appointments, helping our vets!