Meet the team

Abel Hernández

Abel Pet Point Groomer with over 35 years of experience. Responsible for grooming, trimming and maintaining the fur of dogs and cats who come to our facilities. He always gladly talks with our customers so that he can provide the best care to all our furry friends, whether they need same cut or simply because they want to change their look.

Elizabeth Hidalgo

Elizabeth is in charge of medicated and regular baths at Pet point as well as being a groomer´s assistant. She is always aware of the needs of all our patients and owners in the clinic. She is always happy to assist you, receiving each patient by calling them by their names and filling them with a lot of love.

MVZ. Asunción León 

Dr. Asunción, who everyone lovingly knows as Dra. Conchita, always cares for all our hospitalized patients, in addition to being our anesthesiologist in the operating room. Dra. Conchita always has music in her heart for all our furry babies and sings to them at every possible opportunity, which undoubtedly comforts them and fills with peace.

Dr. Carolina Hidalgo

MVRA, is the founder and CEO of Pet Point as well as the main veterinarian. Her goal is to create a clinic in which patients and their humans feel at home using Fear Free techniques, in which she is certified. She has carefully selected her team and makes sure both she and the rest of the veterinarians and workers are continually educating themselves on the newest advances in veterinary medicine and pet handling.

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MVZ. David Vázquez

Dr. David, one of our Veterinary Doctors in Pet point who works daily with enthusiasm and much love for the well-being of each of our patients, loves his profession and airplanes. He is always looking to offer better treatments and recommendations for each of our patients.

Rosario Sánchez

Rosario, animal lover and very charismatic, is our Pet Point Receptionist. She will always welcome you with a smile to our facilities, as well as answer your questions about our services and schedule or re-schedule your appointment.

MVZ. Aeda Vieyra

Dra. Aeda, part of our Veterinary Medical team, is one of the most experienced doctors in the clinic and one of our head surgeons. Dr. Aeda, with the warm treatment that characterizes her, is always happy to receive you in our facilities to talk about every surgical procedure that our patients need.

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Frontera no. 175, Colonia Roma Norte,

Cp. 06700, Delegación Cuauhtemoc

Tel: 554633-3521


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