Collaborators: Specialists

At Pet Point, we collaborate with several different specialists. Below you will find information about the medical specialists and the behavioral specialists, whom we work with closely in order provide you with the best possible service.
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Veterinary Specialists

MVZ. Beatriz Miranda

Veterinary Cardiology

Dr. Beatriz comes to the clinic to attend to our patients with suspected or diagnosed heart disease. Our on-site doctors may suggest an appointment with her if they suspect a heart problem, and you can request an appointment as well. To make an appointment with her, call the clinic or talk to your doctor on your next visit and we will schedule it!

MVZ MMV Dipl. Alejandra Guerrero

Veterinary Nutriology

Dr. Alejandra, or Ale as we call her, is specialized in veterinary nutrition. We work closely with her so that all our patients can get specialized suggestions for diets that work with their needs. Our on-site doctors may suggest an appointment with her for food changes, diets for treatment of comorbidities, among other reasons. To make an appointment, call the clinic or talk to your veterinarian on your next visit with us and we will schedule it!


M en MVZ. Verónica Diaz

Amazonia Vet -

Avian Veterinary Services

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Dr. Verónica, or Vero as we call her, specializes in treating pet birds. For our owners who also have pet birds, we suggest they go to the MVZ Verónica for everything related to their preventive medicine and specialized medical treatment. To make an appointment with her at her clinic, use the book an appointment or Facebook buttons. 

MVZ Curicaverii Palomino

Specialist in

Veterinary Endoscopy

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Dr. Curicaverii, or Curi as he likes to be called, is a specialist in veterinary endoscopy and a member of the Latin American Society of Veterinary Endoscopy. He is in charge of all endoscopy studies at our facilities. The endoscopy is a minimally invasive and low-risk procedure that allows us to see inside the body by use of a microscopic camera attached to a flexible tube. This is used for diagnostic purposes.


Behavioral Specialists

Mtra. Lucero González

El Rincón de Solín

Mammal conduct modification

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Lucero and her entire team at El Rincón de Solín specialize in behavior modification in mammals, especially canines and felines. They have options of classes at their headquarters in Anzures or classes at your home. They work with

cases from training to modification of aggressive behaviors, through positive reinforcement methods.

Also, Pet Point and El Rincón de Solin work together to provide workshops and classes such as Canine First Aide and Fear Free Veterinary Visits, among others.